I Am Moving Around Again

In fact I have been moving for a good while, but at first they would not let me get out of the hospital bed and then they made use a wheelchair. I was stuck in the hospital for about a week after the wreck, because they could not do what needed to be done until the swelling went down in my left knee. They do not know if they may have to go back in, the surgeon says that it is possible and that I should be ready. This morning I went to see a Salinas chiropractor and a physical therapist. My back was all sore and at first I thought that it might just be temporary, but the doctors looked at the x rays and told me that it was going to be necessary to get all of the vertebra back in their proper places.

You can let a surgeon do that, but it is just really a bad idea and it is not a good idea to just pick a chiropractor at random. If those guys screw up, they will not be the ones walking around with the consequences. In fact if you really hit it wrong, then you will not be walking around at all. That is not how you want it to come out, but I really did not have too much trouble because the doctors there recommended a guy and he was apparently the best one in Salinas. It was not so difficult for me to lay down on that table, but still I was thinking that I really wanted to get back up off of it. I had done some research and I knew that the guy was going to be moving things around in my back and that this sometimes goes really bad.