I Am Moving Around Again

In fact I have been moving for a good while, but at first they would not let me get out of the hospital bed and then they made use a wheelchair. I was stuck in the hospital for about a week after the wreck, because they could not do what needed to be done until the swelling went down in my left knee. They do not know if they may have to go back in, the surgeon says that it is possible and that I should be ready. This morning I went to see a Salinas chiropractor and a physical therapist. Continue reading I Am Moving Around Again

Helped This Diabetic Eat Better

If you had told me a Cary chiropractor could help me with a new diet, I would have thought you were crazy. Who ever heard of such a thing? Surely only a nutritionist would know anything about diets. Even a doctor would know more about eating healthy foods than a chiropractor. I always thought chiropractors worked on backs and muscle problems in the neck. I sure didn’t think they would know anything about eating better. When I got diabetes, however, I needed all the help I could get and that is what led me to a chiropractor here in town.

I tried the doctor, but it turns out doctors don’t know much about diet. Continue reading Helped This Diabetic Eat Better

Straightening My Crooked Back Was an Adventure in Effort

I have spent so long with neck and shoulder pain that I was developing a permanent forward lean to my neck that was resulting in a hunched back look for me. It was bad and quite noticeable. My doctor told me that I might be able to get some help straightening out my posture by seeing one of the Oklahoma City chiropractors that he recommends. I needed to get relief from the neck and shoulder pain that was just getting worse. The more it hurt the more I hunched over, and the more I hunched over, the more it hurt.

It was awful forcing my back to go straight again. I could not even do it all at once. If I lie flat on a table, I could get the muscles to relax to get flat, but then I couldn’t get up on my own. The chiropractor showed me exercises that I could do to strengthen my back muscles to pull me upright again. My coworkers, a bunch of guys who think they are funny, were calling me the resident neanderthal because I leaned over so much. Continue reading Straightening My Crooked Back Was an Adventure in Effort